The Transcribe Network is a Vancouver BC company employing Canadian transcriptionists who exemplify outstanding customer service and high levels of technical skills within this exploding sector.

Advances in digital transcription offer desirable and cost saving options to both employers and employees and enables employers to hire the most qualified transcriptionists for their projects.

Our transcriptionists are trained in legal, medical and business, and have experience transcribing everything from multiple person conference calls and interviews, to conference presentations, to technical reports. Their administrative backgrounds in engineering, insurance, education and other industries, combined with excellent English skills, gives them the ability to handle challenging projects and provides clients with accurate transcripts – on time and on budget!

Our custom-designed easy file upload makes it convenient for clients to upload audio files from any device.

Benefits to Your Company

  • ELIMINATE the need for training, equipment, desk space, benefits, sick time and other costly expenses for office workers.
  • IMPROVE your company’s sustainability by supporting a work at home environment. The harmful emissions saved from less cars on the road is a great way to improve your company’s carbon footprint.
  • REDUCE expensive administrative down time by only paying for the time it takes to complete your project.
  • PROVIDE your company with a level of expertise that your office staff may not possess. Our transcriptionists are equipped with the specialized software and equipment needed to be successful in this industry.

Privacy Statement - Standard:The Transcribe Network will not share personal confidential information to anyone outside those transcriptionists who have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and are working on your files.


Transcribe Network based in Vancouver, offering a great service to businesses everywhere

Specialize in conference calls, conference presentations, field notes, meetings, reports, interviews, roundtables, working groups, webcasts.

Starting at
$2.35 per audio minute
(1- 2 days turnaround)


Transcribe Network based in Vancouver, offering a great service to businesses everywhere

A set of minutes is a valuable tool for a company’s management team, capturing critical dialogue, decisions, motions and action items.

Starting at
3.55 per audio minute
(2-3 days turnaround)

I highly recommend this service for any busy business owner looking to save time and money! This frees up my time to work on other projects that need my attention! I simply record each meeting and a concise set of minutes is ready in 2 to 3 days. The transcriptionist who has worked on my files over the years has become an integral part of our meetings.
Owner, MPS Executive Suites