FAQ about Transcribe Network services, a Canadian network of transcriptionists to help your business transcription needs.


Why hire the Transcribe Network for your next project?
We are an elite Canadian based online transcription company who cares about quality and customer satisfaction. Our transcriptionists have the years of experience and the varied business backgrounds necessary to complete transcripts accurately.

How do we get our transcript?
Your transcript will be available for you to download onto your computer through an inbox set up on our website when you register with us.

How do we pay you for the transcript?
We will email an invoice when your transcript/minutes are complete. Your invoice will be due and payable upon receipt.

Do you guarantee the quality of your work?
We always aim for 100% client satisfaction in everything we do. We are proud of our high standards. Every transcript is proofread to ensure accuracy. Our transcriptionists have excellent working knowledge of Word when it comes to formatting your documents.

What is the turnaround time?
Standard turnaround time is 1-2 days for most projects.

How do I get my file(s) to you?
The Transcribe Network provides a custom-designed easy upload for your audio files on our website. Registration is very user friendly.

What kind of transcripts do you provide?
Transcripts- Most clients choose a non-verbatim transcript that is a cleaned up version of the audio, eliminating most "ums" and "ahs", long pauses, etc. We include some fillers if they support the integrity of the conversation and clean up most of the grammar unless it explicitly pertains to the outcome of the document. A verbatim transcript includes all pauses, mumbles, fillers such as "um" and "ah" and is a valuable document in some businesses like court documents, and interviews. Slang will also be transcribed as spoken in a verbatim transcript.
Minutes- We provide minutes of your conference call meetings, capturing important dialogue and action items for your management team or board of directors.

Do I get timestamps in my transcript?
A timestamp in your document identifies the time in the audio that word was spoken. We will always timestamp where the transcriptionist is unable to clearly identify the spoken word. We would be pleased to accommodate your timestamp requirements, i.e. changing of speakers in an interview or meeting.

How does the Transcribe Network handle the security of my audio files?
All information is secured through a Canadian state of the art server.

How do you handle confidentiality with your transcriptionists?
We guarantee confidentiality of sensitive or restricted information, documents, or recordings. Transcriptionists working for the Transcribe Network sign a Confidentiality Agreement ensuring our clients’ confidential information is protected.

Who are your transcriptionists?
The Transcribe Network recruits skilled Canadian virtual assistants carefully chosen for topnotch performance in senior administrative roles, years of experience in diverse professional environments, technical capabilities and transcription experience. Our transcriptionists are multi-tasking typing specialists with English as their first language, excellent listening skills, have above average grammar and spelling (understands the proper use of there, their and they’re) and excel in a work-at-home environment.

What is a Virtual Assistant?
A Virtual Assistant performs a variety of administrative tasks from a home office similar to an executive assistant or secretary.