Work from home and enjoy a transcriptionist career with Transcribe Network, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.


We are looking for Canadian multi-tasking typing specialists who pride themselves on having excellent listening skills, fast and accurate typing speeds, excellent English and knowledge of good grammar.

A good transcriptionist is a master with the English language which includes punctuation and grammar. Our transcriptionists know the difference between “their”, “there” and “they’re”. Their professional backgrounds in legal, medical, engineering, insurance, education, etc. are definite assets when transcribing conversation or technical reports

An abundant vocabulary is a big advantage when transcribing, and understanding the colloquialisms that are often used in dialogue require superior listening skills. Transcriptionists need to ensure that every word in a meeting, report, or presentation is accurately transcribed.

As our transcriptionists work from home offices, they must have excellent computer skills, the ability to use transcription software, be proficient with a foot pedal, and have above average research skills. A good transcriptionist must use Google or whatever means to fill in those blanks in a transcript that need clarification, i.e. the proper spelling of places, names, things.

We are looking for Canadian transcriptionists who have varied business backgrounds and at least 5 years transcription experience, work well in a home office environment, and who can provide references.

We specialize in long-term working relationships where our transcriptionists become an integral part of our client's work flow.

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1-3 years transcription experience
3-10 Years Transcription Experience
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