Policies from Transcribe Network, a Canadian network of transcriptionists to help your business transcription needs.


Confidentiality Policy

The Transcribe Network will not share personal or confidential information with anyone outside those transcriptionists who have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and are working on your files.

General/Payment Policy

  1. The Transcribe Network management team reserves the right to close any client account as a result of improper use or unpaid invoices.
  2. It is our general policy to charge extra if the client requests timestamps or a verbatim transcript, or if the transcript includes the following:
    • More than 3 speakers
    • Poor quality audio [i.e. excessive background noise]
    • Technical jargon
    • Heavy accents, or extremely fast talkers
      Please note that we most often do not know whether the above exceptions apply when we give the client a base rate until the transcriptionist listens to the audio and discovers any anomalies with the audio as stated above.

  3. We do not store your audio files. Thirty days after invoicing, your audio file is deleted.
  4. Invoices are submitted with completed transcripts and are due and payable upon receipt. Overdue invoices past 30 days from the date of the invoice will be subject to a 2.5% charge. Overdue invoices past 60 days will be sent to Collections and will result in Transcribe Network registered accounts being deleted and clients unable to upload audio files.

Transcriptionist Policy

  1. Confidentiality Policy - Transcriptionists must sign a Confidentiality Agreement before they are assigned any audio files for transcribing.
  2. Applying for a transcriptionist position - everyone must apply through the Careers page form on our website. We do not accept employment enquiries by phone.
  3. Project deadlines - Transcriptionists must complete their transcripts within the agreed upon time at the onset of the project. Most transcripts have a 1 to 2 day turnaround. Transcriptionists must be able to meet deadlines.
  4. Closing of Transcriptionist account - The Transcribe Network management team reserves the right to close any transcriptionist's account when terminating employment or when a transcriptionist resigns. Only transcriptionists who are currently working on files will have an active transcriptionist account with the Transcribe Network.