Scenario – Your working group or roundtable on Friday generated heated discussion and you want to share it at the management meeting on Monday. You had to leave the room for a few minutes to take care of another matter so you missed some important dialogue.

This situation is easily resolved. By recording the discussion and uploading your file to the Transcribe Network, a transcript of the discussion will be on your desk Monday morning. Operating as a virtual office, we work weekends so you don’t have to.

Scenario – Your conference is going to be a success this year, with great attendance and an action-packed program featuring amazing speakers.

Don’t miss a thing! By selectively recording your conference presentations, you can have them transcribed for future use – to post on your company’s website or to identify ideas and conclusions generated in the discussions.

Minutes of Meeting from Audio File

Scenario – As a professional association, your board of directors meet every few weeks by conference call. Your association is growing and the minutes of the meeting including its timely distribution is a critical factor in tracking the action items before the next meeting.

By contracting the Transcribe Network to do minutes from the audio file, your board of directors get a professional set of minutes to your specifications within 2 to 3 days of the meeting.

Scenario – An important conference call has been scheduled but your admin assistant is not in the office today. You rely on the notes she takes.

This situation is easily resolved. By hiring the Transcribe Network, the conference call is recorded and your transcript, notes or minutes of the meeting are delivered by email in 2-3 days.

An audio recording of your conference call or meeting is all you need for a professional set of minutes delivered to your inbox within 2-3 days of your meeting. A set of minutes or meeting notes is a valuable tool for your management team, capturing ideas and action items, and a great starting point for an article, blog posting, or training document. Our transcriptionists are professionals and treat your files with confidentiality. We provide you with a quality document and free up your time to focus on other projects.

We specialize in long term working relationships where our transcriptionists become an integral part of your meeting process and familiar with your participants, jargon and the subject matter.

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